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Talking to Isaac Meyers – The Man Who Knows It All

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Today is the International Woman’s Day, but I decided to talk about a man. I mean, THE man. Did you ever hear about Isaac Meyers? I bet you did, but if not, you should check him out right now!


He is one of the greatest makeup artists nowadays, and I had the pleasure of talking to him for the second time (first time we talked was when I interviewed him for Salt Lake magazine). Isaac Meyers is all over the world working with some of the greatest people, just like Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna. Amazing, right? He loves doing fashion and beauty editorials, and they are his favorite type of work. “I love the feeling and creativity I get from it,” Isaac says. Right now he has been working  with E Television on their new reality show “Playing with Fire,” which was filmed at The 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Besides being super talented and a great artist, he is also very sweet! With so much work on his hands, he took the time to answers some of our beauty questions.

Q. Hi Isaac! Glad we’re doing another interview. We’re curious to know what is the best new beauty product out there in your opinion?

Isaac Meyers – Sothys Paris- Teint Lift Defense Foundation. I like the smooth light weight coverage is gives. It also very build able for Full Coverage, but the products I can’t live without are Got Beauty, Pops Eyeliner & lip liners. They glide on with easy application. I also can’t live without Sothys Paris- Creme Yeux Effect Smoky Creme Eyeshadow.


Q. What are the beauty trends for this year?

IM – The Pantone color of year is Emerald Green.  You will be seeing a lot of green hues on the eyes and mascara highlights. My favorite new eyeshadows are Pops @ Got Beauty in Sugarhouse.

Q. Who is your favorite artist and why?

IM – My favorite artist now is Azealia Banks. I love her Raw, Edgy, Glamourous tough girl attitude. It reflects threw her makeup,Hair & wardrobe… I like artists that are unique and creative.



Q. And where do you find inspiration to work?

IM – The people that inspire me are Kabuki Magic Makeup Artist. He is absolutely the best editorial artist out there that creates with his heart. I aspire to be a newer, younger version of Kabuki.


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