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Sundance Press Release

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Isaac Meyers-
Celebrity Makeup Artist & Stylist.

1344 east 900 south
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
Phone– 435.714.3917
Fax – 435.714.3937



Contact: Ivaylo Jensen
Office: 435-647-6500

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Stylist Isaac Meyers will be at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. He will be working movie premieres for Jobs, Lovelace & Breathe In. Isaac will be working the red carpet and will be available for interviews, about the looks he created & styled.

Together with a talented team from NYC to Hollywood, the 2013 Sundance Festival promises to be the most glamorous ever! Together, Mr. Meyers brings a team of strong celebrity stylists. Who can get any gown from any designer worldwide.(clients include Angelina Jollie & Madonna. Hair Designer- Vivian Marx and her extraordinary team of experts on red carpets & fashion hair.

Isaac Meyers, Hollywood Makeup Artist brings his team of professionals to a local lounge studio providing full styling services for celebrities, art patrons,and chic cinema goers at the Sundance Film Festival. For bookings a new local hotline has been set up, Call-435-647-6500. Or 435-714-3917. Calls accepted 24 hours a day until January16, 2013.

You can follow the team as they work on Facebook. Like the Facebook page, “Sundance 2013 Celebrity News” for all the latest news, LIVE from the festival!

For further information contact Ivaylo Jensen- 435.714.3917

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