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Beauty Buff: Isaac Meyers at the Oscars

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Back in October, Beauty Buff introduced local makeup artist Isaac Meyers. He’s seen and worked with a lot of famous faces in his day, making up celebs like Etta James, Rob Lowe, Josh Gad, Octavia Spencer, Ray Liotta, Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna, and this weekend, his work will shine on the red carpets at the Oscars.

Though he can’t spill the beans just yet on who he’ll be beautifying for Sunday’s big event, he’s let us in on a few of his personal pointers for getting your own red carpet look at home.

First, start with a foundation that offers coverage that will leave your skin looking flawless, but not cakey. “Red carpet skin is always matte and medium to full coverage,” Meyers says.

A surefire way to catch the camera is a pair of lips that can’t be missed. “Oscar season usually brings out dark burgundy or red lips,” he says. “I’m sure we will see some matte red lips and a lot of smoky eyes.” There are hundreds of choices for great red lip shades, so look for one that best complements your complexion. And if you’re looking to hit the town in true celeb fashion, we’d suggest opting for a long-wearing formula.

And as for eyes, Meyers predicts that the Pantone color of the year (yep, that’s emerald) will be rocking the red carpet this year, so keep an eye out to see how many variations you can spot.

Isaac Meyer’s Makeup Must-Haves:

“I can’t live without Sothys Paris Teint lift defense foundation & Sothys Paris lipgloss. The foundation gives flawless coverage and the lipgloss glides on and doesn’t give that sticky look or feel.”

“I love Got Beauty‘s local line, Pops Cosmetics. There pressed eyeshadow and blush give you high pigment and are easy bendable.”

“And of course I can’t live without Japanese cosmetic line Koh Gen Do’s pearl highlighter. This is a celebrity’s best friend. This product is blended on top of the foundation under the eyes, forehead and down the middle of face and neck. It diffuses the light and brightens other areas.”

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